Our history

The Myer family has a long heritage of active philanthropy which commenced during Sidney Myer’s life. That involvement was formalised with the establishment of the Sidney Myer Fund in 1934 and The Myer Foundation in 1959. Both the Sidney Myer Fund and The Myer Foundation carry forward the family’s ongoing commitment to philanthropic giving.* This depth of experience is now available to clients of the Myer Family Company.


The establishment of a family foundation, such as a Private Ancillary Fund or private charitable trust, is one ingredient in the “glue” which bonds families together. Studies in the US and Europe have found that the benefits to families who have a common charitable outlook are multi-faceted and that it can often help heal family tensions and be a good introduction to financial management for younger family members.


Whether you have a long heritage of giving, or are looking to create a legacy for future generations, the Myer Family Company has the expertise to assist you in achieving the best philanthropic outcomes for you and your family.

* If you would like to learn more about the philanthropic activities of The Myer Foundation or the Sidney Myer Fund, including what they fund and how to apply for a grant, please visit www.myerfoundation.org.au or contact Mr Leonard Vary, Chief Executive Officer, on 03 8672 5555

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